Feel that night in Absinthe Lounge
you gonna remember for a long time

Absinthe Lounge is a vibrant nightclub located in the heart of Chicago and Florida, part of the busy and bustling center of city nightlife.

With a perfect blend of DJs, open mic nights and live shows, we have something for everyone. We strive to be the place where all kinds of people can come and enjoy a clean, fun night out and party with their friends.

We know how
to party

Take a step back into the past with our unique décor, a mix of steampunk and 19th Century France with an intimate, dimly lit and smoky vibe. Arrive in style with a luxury limo ride, then sit back and relax in one of our velvet armchairs and enjoy our art selection, or head over to the bar to try one of our unique cocktails.

There’s plenty of places within walking distance of our location, including popular theaters, which make us an ideal place for parties of all types. The Absinthe Lounge has full-service bars, plenty of seating and room for dancing, and a brilliant sound system, as well as affordable drinks and friendly, welcoming staff who do their best to make sure you have the time of your life from the time you step through our doors until you leave.

We host some of the hottest shows in the city; you won’t want to miss out on them.

Few words about
Absinthe Lounge

While we here at the Absinthe Lounge love a good glass of absinthe or two, as our namesake implies, that’s not the only drink we serve that will make the night one to remember.